Shipping Policy:

Buyer pays a fixed shipping charge for each item as indicated in the listing. This charge may cover USPS fees, packaging, insurance and delivery confirmation to assure the package was delivered to you. We do our best not to make a profit on shipping and handling. If you pay by Paypal your item will only be shipped to a confirmed address, as required by Paypal. We are only responsible for delivery to the address you provided and as confirmed by the delivery confirmation. If making multiple purchases, please email this shop for a lowered combined shipping cost. If paying by check your item will be shipped as soon as the check has cleared, usually not more than 10 days. If paying through Paypal with an e-check, your item will be shipped upon notification that your e-check has cleared and funds have been released.

Restocking Fee:

There is a restocking fee for all items returned of 20% deduction in refund with no shipping refund or return back shipping refunded. Items must be in original packaging and insured on return regardless if item was not insured to buyer from seller. Descriptions are as accurate as possible. The description details the condition of the items to the best knowledge of the seller, if an a gross unintentional error is made in the description, seller may determine to waive the restocking fee at seller's determination. All efforts are made to accurately portray the jewelry and buyers are requested to ask any questions concerning an item prior to placing a purchase order. Photos of the jewels are not "doctored" and it is up to the buyer to request additional photos to determine their decision to purchase.
Due to problems with layaway buyers, this shop does not accept layaway purchases.

Other Information:

Payment for items are expected to be received within 48 hours by PayPal or within 8 days by money order, this shop reserves the right to return the item for sale if payment is not received. Please email if there is a payment problem and an extension may be considered. All items are vintage and some very slight signs of wear may be detected in an excellent item. Every effort has been made to describe accurately any damages to the item, including discolored stones and more than very minor wear. Every item is inspected with a magnifier and/or a loupe prior to shipment. We cannot be responsible for glued in stones coming loose during shipment, although we have never had this happen, it is a possibility due to the vintage glue on some items. However, your shipment will be well packaged in order to prevent this remote possibility and lost stones. Be assured that this shop believes in "full disclosure" of any problems found with an item within the item description.
All purchase orders are honored subject to prior sales, first inquiry will be honored even if by email direct. International purchases are not able to be insured and the buyer takes on any risk of shipping damage and damaged items from shipping are not returnable


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