About us:

Collecting vintage jewelry has long been my source of enjoyment and relaxation. My personal treasure chest of wonderful vintage jewelry finally overflowed and selling some to make room for more seemed logical. I never thought I would like selling, but the rewards have been enormous as I have become acquainted with so many fantastic buyers and sellers who share my passion for these wonderful jewels from days gone by.

I am a proud Registered Member of Jewel Collect, a unique membership of vintage costume jewelry collectors and researchers. When you see the word Jewel Collect or JC you know the member is dedicated to accurately attributing vintage jewelry.

This shop is named after and dedicated in memory of our three precious West Highland Terriers, Sir Walter O'Murphy Sr and Sir Walter O'Murphy Jr, and Sir Walter O'Murphy III, who were loved and loving. They will be forever missed.

To my Mom and sister Pat,  every time I wear a jewel it reminds me of you both and how you glitter down upon us who remain until we can join you. I love and miss you both!!!!


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